Day 13, Still plugging along

Walked outside this morning, a very brisk walk – 20-25 minutes.
8 Minute Abs. (I like it. So sue me.)
Joey Atlas ULBHTM chapters 1-14.

Weighed & measured. Down 1 inch in my chest, 1 inch on lower hip (I take 2 hip measurements, one at the top on the love handle area, and one lower just above the pelvic bone).

Fitting in fitness time has been really tough the last few days, so all I can really do is try – and if I can’t, keep trying.

Yesterday I did fantastic on food consumption. I had a cup or two of watermelon and some coffee, a cup of carrots, about a cup of trail mix, a cup or two of steamed mixed vegetables (squashes and beans and things), more water, and a 1″ slice of chocolate cake, because a girl NEEDS chocolate sometimes. I was perfectly satisfied all day with that. The scale was happy, so I’m happy – and I don’t have a problem doing that again today.

Joey is a total Godsend during this – my frustration level yesterday with finding time to fit it in and keep my willpower was at an all time high. He totally talked me down off my ledge and motivated me to “Get’er done” today. And so I did. Thanks, Joey!

Fitting it in

If you’re like me, you have a lot going on in your life. It’s noon as I write this, I’m sitting here at my desk inhaling a bowl of cut up watermelon – my first food of the day.

Day 6

Up at 6am, because I could not realistically get up any earlier than that. I am a non-functioning human being before 6am!

I check e-mail, wake up with a cup or two of coffee, and get the kids ready and off to school. I had a 9am appointment that I had forgotten about, so I had exactly 30 minutes between returning from driving the kids to school and leaving for my 9am appointment. Thankfully, a friend texted me and asked if I had time to walk with her this morning EXACTLY at the only time I did have. Talk about divine intervention!

We speed walked for a little more than 30 minutes and I jumped in the car for my 9am. Thankfully my appointment was at the dentist and she wore a mask so she wasn’t too offended by my post-workout body perfume. 😉

An hour later, I returned home and flipped on my DVD player to do as instructed – stretching and Level 1 floor exercises from Joey’s Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Makeover. For some reason, I don’t recall it hurting as much last week as it did today! I definitely felt it. I may feel it even more later – but for now, I have a few short hours to get some work done before the rest of the day’s activities kick in – picking up the kids, homework, dinner, volleyball practice and a game.

By the time I get home tonight, I will be zapped of all energy and knew that I had to fit my daily exercise in this morning, somehow! I’m glad it all “worked out”!

Just Like Whitesnake, Here I Go Again!

May 2, 2008. That was my last update here. Since then, it’s all been status quo. Ups and downs on the scale, ups and downs with my level of activity, and finally – the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”, this past spring/summer I could no longer “deal” with the back pain that I’ve endured since 2005’ish.

About a month ago, a friend had great success with the corticosteroid injection for her lower back. I decided I’d give it a try. I made appointments, had a new MRI, and was told that it was possible that a transforaminal injection would help me. Ohhhh it helped me alright – for one whole day! One! Day!

For one day, I felt like a normal person. For one day, I rolled out of bed instead of cricked, cracked broke your momma’s back got out of bed. I put my shorts on! Without leaning against a wall! I carried a watermelon, too! I look back on that day, 3 weeks ago now, and I want that again. Now that I know it CAN happen, even with 50% of my L5-S1 disk gone, and neuroforaminal stenosis causing me much distress, I am determined (again!) to strengthen my core and lose those few (cough…25..cough) extra pounds that have crept back on over the last few years.

I’ll share my progress thus far – as I am already on day 5. I have been consulting with my client/friend, Joey Atlas, and he has been giving me advice on how to proceed, gently, to increase my core strength and make the changes I need so desperately for decreased pain and increased flexibility and mobility.

I’m a busy mom and self-employed to boot – so though my schedule is more flexible than others, I still have a lot of hurdles and last minute changes, appointments and commitments going on. I am committed to block out at LEAST an hour a day to do this. It’s more important than ever before!

Day 1

I started out day 1 with Chapters 1-14 (floor exercises only) from Joey’s Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover DVD, and followed it with about 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Day 2

Finished out the ULBHTM video, I think it goes to chapter 26 or 28. These are standing exercises for the most part, squats, lunges, stepping up/down etc. that didn’t seem so tough, but boy from Day 3 on, I felt it. It was not pleasant, but Joey encouraged me and let me know that means that my muscles are already starting to change!

I also walked 30 minutes on the treadmill (I keep it over 3mph, 3% incline the majority of the time).

Day 3

Saturday, Joey recommended his Abs of Stone, Core of Steel DVD. I made it through that one okay, some of the exercises were tough because this one targets an area that is very tender for me. I took it easy, as he suggested, and can feel some tightening but not so much that I am sore.

My daughter and I went out walking on Day 3, we took a route that is hilly – I was really feeling Day 2’s burn in my thighs and we wound up at about 3 miles – just under an hour walk.

Day 4

Sunday – oh my. Church in the morning, then I went and washed the river bugs off my van (and broke a sweat, so that counts!), and we went furniture shopping. 10 stores later, everyone is hungry and we stopped at Noodle’s for a meal. I tried to choose wisely – and went with a Mediterranean pasta with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spinach and tomato – and added a grilled chicken breast. It is really hard for me to eat out. Better if I don’t. Next time, I think I’ll pass and drink water while everyone else eats. We ran the kids to and fro, then my hubby joined me on the same walk I took with my daughter the day before. Another 3 miles in, excruciatingly painful at times with the burn in my thighs, but they felt better after the walk.

Day 5

Today, Joey recommended an upper body workout. I only have this 8 Minute Arm DVD so I went with that. I have to laugh at trainers who think big broad striped bodysuits are cool. LOL! At least it makes the workout entertaining!

I watched the Bachelor Pad on my laptop while I walked on the treadmill – a good 40 minute walk today. Now my goal is to watch my water intake and get it back up to where it needs to be, and munch on veggies and mixed nuts this afternoon. Tonight I plan on making grilled chicken and veggies so I know I’ll have a better day as far as food consumption goes.

OH yea, I did take measurements (chest, waist, hips in 2 spots, left thigh and bicep) so I’ll update on those changes as well. :)

I have created a Facebook Page, please join me over there! I would love to hear about your progress, too. Where weight loss is concerned – I have learned that there IS strength in numbers!

Here’s my facebook page: Pounds2Go on Facebook

See you soon!

We Wii!!

We are FINALLY owners of a Wii gamesystem. Thanks to my daughters BFF’s parents who were at the right place at the right time today and picked it up for us!

Of course I was immediately dreaming of a personal trainer game, and guess what? THEY’VE MADE ONE! Wii Fit – with a gazillion fitness activities, including huuuuuuuuuula hoops! Rock on!

Totally getting this….

Do you Wii? Any games you highly recommend? Accessories?

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We Wii!!

Two Reasons Why Not.

There are two reasons why I will not be giving you an update on my health & wellness progress this week:

reason number one.

reason number two.

So I’m going to have some of this, get over it, and get back to you next week.

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Two Reasons Why Not.

4 out of 28 days, I suck.

Today is day #2 of the suckage. I’m looking forward to menopause, maybe then I won’t want to stick a fork in everything I do for a week out of every month, and sit in a pile of used kleenex with a large fork and half eaten pan of fudge brownies in my lap.

On the upside, I lost another inch in my hips and 1.8 lbs. last week. (That’s 2 inches total in my hips, 1 in my waist and 4.6 lbs. in 3 weeks.)

All that, and I’m retaining water. And chocolate.

That is all.

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4 out of 28 days, I suck.


Leanne Belrichard Wildermuth April 2008 portrait

My dear friend Taba (gardeners : visit her site.) asked me to take a pic of my new not-gray haircolor. I colored it Saturday morning with some Ion colors from Sally Beauty Supply– mixing 3 parts of their liquid Color Brilliance golden brown with 1 part darkest brown. I honestly didn’t care what color it turned out to be, as long as it was not-gray. It is definitely not-gray, and I actually dig it. I am sure I’ll be coming back to search my own dang archives to figure out what I used and what it looked like!

So, since she asked, and if I told ANYone else that I know that I took a new pic of myself they’d all be like “ooh lemme see, I wanna see!” here it is, and there you go. (And if you want to see what I looked like when I was a youngin’, click here.)

I did measure and weigh in this morning, my measurements are all the same except for my thighs, which went down 1/2-inch (YAY for vanishing thunder thighs!) and my weight, which is down 1.7lbs from last Monday. Progress, sweet progress. So, to reward myself for such good results, I walked for 30 minutes at 3.5mph at an incline today. Yeowch. LOL

Time to dig back into the design queue – so much to get done this week so I can get back out into the studio next week!

This post is from Leanne Wildermuth : Artist by Nature Blog.

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